Costa Rican Town Overrun by Herd of Escaped Alpacas, Prompting State of Emergency

San José, Costa Rica – In a bizarre and unexpected turn of events, the small town of Los Pinos in Costa Rica has declared a state of emergency after being overrun by a herd of escaped alpacas. The unusual incident has left local residents baffled and struggling to regain control over their town.

The alpacas, which had been imported from Peru by local entrepreneur Juan Carlos Mendoza for his fledgling alpaca wool business, managed to escape from their enclosure due to a faulty gate latch. The herd of over 50 alpacas quickly made their way into the town, causing chaos and confusion as they roamed the streets, entered homes, and even wandered into the local church.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” said Maria Rodriguez, a longtime resident of Los Pinos. “One minute, I was having my morning coffee, and the next, there was an alpaca in my living room.”

Local authorities, led by police chief Diego Soto, have been working tirelessly to round up the wayward alpacas and return them to their enclosure. However, the task has proven to be more difficult than anticipated, as the alpacas have demonstrated an uncanny ability to evade capture.

In a bid to address the situation, the Costa Rican government has dispatched a team of alpaca wranglers from neighboring Peru to assist in the recovery efforts. The team, headed by renowned alpaca expert Manuel Quispe, is confident that they will be able to restore order to the town of Los Pinos within the next few days.

As the alpaca saga continues to unfold, the world watches in amusement and disbelief, wondering how such an unusual incident could have transpired in this small Costa Rican town.

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