Croatian Biologist’s Outrageous Claim: Geese are Actually Aliens; Internet Goes Wild

Zagreb, Croatia – In a bizarre turn of events, Croatian biologist Dr. Luka Perković has set the scientific community abuzz with his sensational claim that geese are, in fact, extraterrestrial beings. The unexpected revelation has left experts scratching their heads and social media users in stitches.

Dr. Perković, a respected ornithologist, has spent years studying the migratory patterns and behavior of geese. After analyzing countless hours of data, he asserts that their ability to navigate vast distances and maintain their complex social structures is far beyond what should be possible for creatures of this Earth.

“Geese possess a level of intelligence and intuition that we have not observed in any other species,” Dr. Perković explained. “Their navigational skills are so advanced that the only logical explanation is that they must have originated from another planet.”

The scientific community has met Dr. Perković’s claim with skepticism, dismissing it as a wild, baseless theory. However, the internet has embraced the idea with open arms, turning “alien geese” into a viral sensation. Memes and tongue-in-cheek articles about the extraterrestrial origins of these honking birds have flooded social media feeds.

Despite the criticism and ridicule, Dr. Perković remains committed to his hypothesis. “I understand that my theory may seem far-fetched, but I encourage my fellow scientists to examine the data with an open mind,” he said. “The truth about geese is out there, and it’s up to us to uncover it.”

As the scientific world debates the merits of Dr. Perković’s otherworldly theory, the general public continues to enjoy the hilarious notion that our feathered friends might actually be visitors from another galaxy.

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