Albanian Government Proposes Mandatory Polka Lessons for All Citizens

Tirana, Albania – In a bold move aimed at promoting national unity and traditional culture, Albania’s Minister of Culture, Valentina Kola, announced a controversial proposal to implement mandatory polka dance lessons for all citizens. The initiative, dubbed “Project Polka,” has garnered both support and opposition within the nation.

Under Project Polka, every Albanian citizen aged between 10 and 65 will be required to attend weekly polka dance classes, taught by certified instructors at designated community centers. The government believes that the initiative will foster a sense of camaraderie and pride in Albanian heritage.

Minister Kola explained, “The polka is an essential part of our nation’s cultural fabric, and we believe that by sharing this traditional dance with our citizens, we can strengthen our ties to our history and promote unity among our people.”

However, the proposal has drawn criticism from various groups who argue that mandatory dance lessons infringe on personal freedoms and that the estimated €50 million budget could be better utilized for other pressing needs, such as infrastructure or education.

Despite the mixed reactions, the Albanian government is moving forward with plans to launch Project Polka in early 2024. The proposed legislation is currently under review by the Parliament and, if approved, will make Albania the first country in the world to implement mandatory polka lessons for its citizens.

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