Bhutan Announces Construction of World’s First Solar-Powered Monastery

Thimphu, Bhutan – Bhutan’s Prime Minister, Tashi Wangchuk, has unveiled an ambitious plan to construct the world’s first solar-powered Buddhist monastery in the picturesque city of Thimphu. The groundbreaking initiative is in line with the country’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The solar-powered monastery, named “The Druk Tashi Dargyeling,” will be an architectural marvel, blending traditional Bhutanese design elements with cutting-edge solar technology. The entire complex will be powered by an extensive solar panel array, making it a model of green energy usage.

Prime Minister Wangchuk stated, “As a nation, we have always been mindful of the delicate balance between progress and preserving our environment. The Druk Tashi Dargyeling is a symbol of our commitment to sustainable development and a testament to the power of innovation in harmony with nature.”

While the project has garnered widespread support within the country, critics question the substantial investment, estimated at $150 million, and whether the funds could be better allocated to other social and economic initiatives.

Nonetheless, Prime Minister Wangchuk remains steadfast in his vision, asserting that the solar-powered monastery will attract global attention and bolster Bhutan’s reputation as a leader in environmental stewardship. Construction is set to commence in 2023, with completion expected by 2026.

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