University Unveils Degree in Meme Studies, Attracts Record Number of Applicants

In an unprecedented move, the Mirthville University in Dublin, Ireland, has unveiled a new degree program in Meme Studies, attracting a record number of applicants from across the globe. The unique academic offering explores the cultural, social, and historical impact of memes, as well as the art of meme creation.

Professor Chuck L. Elation, the brains behind this cutting-edge program, believes that the study of memes is essential for understanding modern society and its ever-evolving means of communication. The degree program includes courses such as “Meme Anthropology,” “Viral Psychology,” and “The Philosophy of Dankness.”

The Meme Studies program has captured the attention of students and educators alike, with many praising its innovative approach to contemporary culture. Critics, on the other hand, argue that the degree program trivializes higher education and detracts from more traditional academic disciplines.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Meme Studies degree, the buzz generated by Mirthville University has resulted in a massive surge in applications, prompting the institution to expand its facilities and hire additional staff to accommodate the influx of meme enthusiasts.

As the first cohort of Meme Studies students eagerly begin their academic journey, the world watches with curiosity to see how this unconventional program will shape the future of education and the study of popular culture.

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