Man Marries Squirrel, Sells Acorns to Fund Lavish Honeymoon: Neighbors Go Nuts!

In a bizarre twist of events in the small, idyllic town of Peculiar, Missouri, a 35-year-old man, Jerry Nutcombe, made headlines by marrying his pet squirrel, Nutella, in a lavish ceremony attended by his supportive friends, family, and a group of curious, bushy-tailed onlookers.

The unusual love story began when Nutcombe rescued Nutella from a perilous situation involving a runaway lawnmower. As their relationship blossomed, Jerry decided that the best way to show his love was to tie the knot with his bushy-tailed companion. Nutcombe shared that they had an “unbreakable bond,” and, after consulting with local animal whisperer, Daisy Whiskerton, he decided to take the plunge into matrimony.

The wedding ceremony was held at the picturesque Acorn Grove, with Nutella donning a custom-made, acorn-encrusted gown, and Jerry in a matching acorn-patterned tuxedo. Over 150 guests attended the unconventional nuptials, enjoying a delightful feast of acorn-inspired dishes prepared by celebrity chef, Gordon Squirrelsay.

Funding for the lavish event and the couple’s upcoming honeymoon was raised by the entrepreneurial Nutcombe, who started his own acorn-selling business. The acorns, carefully handpicked by Nutella, were dubbed “Nutella’s Nibbles” and quickly became a local sensation. The success of this venture led to an overwhelming demand for the woodland delicacies, with customers lining up for hours to get their hands on the sought-after acorns.

Neighbors have had mixed reactions to the unusual union. While some have expressed their support, others have deemed the marriage “absolutely nuts.” Peculiar’s mayor, Betty Oakenshield, commented on the situation, stating, “While we are a town that embraces peculiarities, this one takes the cake, or should I say, the acorn.”

Jerry and Nutella’s honeymoon plans include a luxurious treehouse getaway in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, where they intend to explore local squirrel communities and bring awareness to endangered tree-dwelling species.

Stay tuned for updates on the Nutcombe-Nutella union and their upcoming adventures as they embark on their extraordinary journey as husband and squirrel.

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