Local school principal bans pencils, declares them a safety hazard

In a shocking move, local school principal Ms. Betty Johnson has banned pencils from the classroom, citing safety concerns. “Pencils have been a safety hazard for too long,” she declared in a recent press conference. “We need to protect our students from these dangerous writing utensils.”

The ban has caused outrage among parents and students alike, with many taking to social media to voice their displeasure. “How are we supposed to take notes or do homework without pencils?” one student complained. “This is ridiculous!”

In response, Ms. Johnson suggested that students use alternative writing tools, such as crayons or markers. “They may not be as precise as pencils, but at least they won’t poke someone’s eye out,” she quipped.

The ban has also sparked concerns about the future of education in the country, with some experts warning that this could lead to a decline in writing skills. “If students are forced to use inferior writing tools, it could have a negative impact on their ability to express themselves,” said education professor Dr. Emily Brown.

Despite the backlash, Ms. Johnson has remained firm in her decision. “We must prioritize the safety of our students,” she stated. “If that means no more pencils, then so be it.”

The school district has yet to comment on the matter, but rumors have been circulating that they are considering a ban on paper as well, due to its sharp edges and potential for paper cuts.

It remains to be seen how this ban will affect the education system in the country, but one thing is certain – it has certainly sharpened the debate on school safety.

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