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World’s First AI-Run Business Takes Over Industry in Japan, Leaving Human Workers in the Dust!

In a stunning technological breakthrough, a new AI-run company called “Synthetix Inc.” has taken the business world by storm in Japan, leaving human workers struggling to keep up. The company, which specializes in synthetic materials manufacturing, is the first of its kind to be entirely run by artificial intelligence. Synthetix Inc. was founded by tech […]

Luxembourg Startup Revolutionizes E-commerce with AI-Powered Personal Shopping Assistant

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg – In a groundbreaking move, Luxembourg-based startup VirtuShop, founded by CEO Emma Leclerc, has launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered personal shopping assistant, called “Ava.” The innovative technology aims to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape by offering customers a highly personalized and convenient shopping experience. Ava uses advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to […]

Swedish Startup Develops Revolutionary AI-Powered Smart Bicycle

Stockholm, Sweden – In a major breakthrough for urban transportation, Swedish startup Velosense, led by CEO Isak Bergström, has unveiled an innovative AI-powered smart bicycle, named “Cyklogic,” at the annual Stockholm Tech Fest. The Cyklogic smart bicycle is equipped with an array of sensors and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that work together to provide a […]

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