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Bhutan Announces Construction of World’s First Solar-Powered Monastery

Thimphu, Bhutan – Bhutan’s Prime Minister, Tashi Wangchuk, has unveiled an ambitious plan to construct the world’s first solar-powered Buddhist monastery in the picturesque city of Thimphu. The groundbreaking initiative is in line with the country’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development. The solar-powered monastery, named “The Druk Tashi Dargyeling,” will be an architectural […]

Bhutanese Company Launches Line of Yodel-Activated Toasters

Thimphu, Bhutan – In a bizarre yet innovative move, Bhutanese appliance company, DrukTech, has launched a new line of toasters activated solely by yodeling. The unconventional product, dubbed the “YodelMaster 3000,” has captured the imagination of consumers and sparked curiosity worldwide. DrukTech CEO, Tenzin Dorji, a yodeling enthusiast himself, came up with the idea after […]

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